We produce high quality olive oil each year. Its characteristics are high standards. Every time we make chemical analyzes in our oil and flavors and give our congratulations. It is fast-seller in the local market. From 2014 we started to build a good name in Europe and Canada. Where we sold, we extracted the best words and xanaparingeilan from us, We sell oil only from a single property and not mix our own with others. We usually order before harvest. The Propouli and close deals. This satisfies us because they trust our customers and they are the best advertisement for us. Therefore our quantities are specific. Our olive oil is promoted to the best restaurants and hotels. We accept orders in various sizes of bottles or 5 liter cans.


The products of this class are currently available 5 tn cultivation and production of olive oil for overseeing two agronomists who care for the absolutely necessary fertilizer. The result of this process is extra virgin olive oil with high quality features at a competitive price, receive and cod certification.


     National Road of Agrinio-Antirrio
     Mesolongi, 30200
     +30 697 460 0400